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Method of Creating

Generally, the starting point of each piece begins, literally, with a blank canvas and no preconceived idea of what is to happen next apart from perhaps a desire to use certain colour or make a certain shape.


Once the image begins to take form, intuition takes over and the painting takes on ‘life’ of its own; driving forward the next stages of its evolution. 

By working on numerous images; sometimes ten or more at a time, they will inevitably influence the development of one another. 

Images that work best for me are often the ones 

where have no memory of how they reached that final stage. 

By using the properties of the paint, elements of the image can often be created with limited or no intervention from myself. 

Thus random elements are mixed up with intentional marks and it is this juxtaposition which intensifies the final outcome.


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Studied art at Brighton Polytechnic, graduating with a BA in Fine Art (Painting).



Numerous one person and group shows at the Bedford Hill Gallery in the 80s & 90s.



Participated in yearly open studio events at Parade Mews Studios between 1995-2010.



Joined Wimbledon Art Studios in 2011 and participate in the twice yearly open studios.

Decided to showcase my art to a wider audience with going live in 2014.